8 April 2019
We were honoured to be able to participate in the WEWAM inaugural Work-Life Forum (WOW chat) on
6 April morning at the Singapore Council of Women's Organizations. Ms Ean Yeo, President of WEWAM,
walked through with the women participants the seasons of life in Childcare and Employment before
hosting an interactive engagement session with the panel speakers, who were introduced as women
successful in their work-life balance, for insightful and practical tips to approach one's own unique work-
life needs. After the meaningful interaction, light refreshments including Crunchy Teeth’s cookies were
served. It was a convivial and good networking session for all present.
Thank you, Ean for your passionate efforts to empower our Singaporean women with effective work-life
success tips.
By also empowering our special needs children's mothers to achieve work-life balance, our special
children have also been helped.
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