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2 May 2019
Mother’s Day is coming on the 12 th of this month. To celebrate, we are offering a limited-time selection
of Mother’s Day Artisanal Delights to add some sweetness to the celebrations. We wish all of our
beloved Mothers a happy Mother’s Day in advance.
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30 April 2019
We have a new product available for sale today – the Almond Mabré cake, available for $22.00 per loaf.
It is also available in half-loaf size for $12.00, and in single slices for $2.50 per piece respectively. Come
and have a taste today!
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17 April 2019
We would like to thank the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) for the wonderful opportunity to
participate in An Evening with Haben Girma at the Enabling Village on 16 April. We are inspired by her
resilience and her determination not to let her disabilities impede her from pursuing a fulfilling life.
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16 April 2019
Don’t miss our latest creation; the Chocoloco, a flourless cake with an oozy creamy centre of the finest
chocolate. Serve it up with a dollop of cream fraiche, raspberries or even ice cream today!
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9 April 2019
We would like to thank the Principal of Mayflower Secondary School, Madam Lee Eet Fong as well as her
school staff for their heartfelt support at our Crunchy Teeth roadshow today! If you would like Crunchy
Teeth to host a roadshow at your school, drop us a message at 9648 0067.

8 April 2019
We were honoured to be able to participate in the WEWAM inaugural Work-Life Forum (WOW chat) on
6 April morning at the Singapore Council of Women's Organizations. Ms Ean Yeo, President of WEWAM,
walked through with the women participants the seasons of life in Childcare and Employment before
hosting an interactive engagement session with the panel speakers, who were introduced as women
successful in their work-life balance, for insightful and practical tips to approach one's own unique work-
life needs. After the meaningful interaction, light refreshments including Crunchy Teeth’s cookies were
served. It was a convivial and good networking session for all present.
Thank you, Ean for your passionate efforts to empower our Singaporean women with effective work-life
success tips.
By also empowering our special needs children's mothers to achieve work-life balance, our special
children have also been helped.
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8 April 2019
A big thank you to all who have visited our booth last Sat at BounceINC, Cineleisure Orchard. Our
heartfelt thanks also to PlayStudioSG and BounceINC for our opportunity to participate in remembrance
of World Autism Month to bring autism awareness through sales of our pastries and friendly
introduction of our works. We are deeply grateful for the support our visitors gave, their greetings and
encouragement… thank you all!
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1 April 2019
The month of April is the World Autism Awareness Month. It is the time to raise the following questions;
What is Autism? How is it affecting the lives of our children, who will soon grow up to be youths and
adults? How can we help ourselves to understand and support our autistic children better, so that they
will grow up to live meaningfully in this world with us? How can we get them to be accepted and be
contributing members to society in ways and manners they know how?
This month, Crunchy Teeth will feature glimpses into the nature of Autism so that we, in this society, can
understand our autistic members better.
And not forgetting of course, our upcoming IMPROVED and NEW recipes to tantalize your taste buds.
We look forward to your support.
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