Our Story

Why We Got Started

Crunchy Teeth was started in 2018 by mothers of youths with special needs, who believe that their
children can acquire employment and participate actively in society if equipped with the tools to do so.

Although there has been a growth of resources to assist special needs children in Singapore in recent
years, they remain scarce for special needs youths (18 years old and above) who are no longer eligible
for resources they could access when they were younger.

Our Vision

We believe that special needs youths should be able to obtain meaningful employment even if they may
not be able to acquire formal qualifications. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a place in our
society, and to achieve this, we work towards establishing an inclusive society where everyone can make
a meaningful contribution according to their ability.

Our Mission

We conduct intensive training programmes designed to teach these young adults job skills that are
relevant for employment Baking requires precision and adherence to strict instructions for successful
execution, which plays to the strengths of special needs youths. Through this, we aim to empower them
to attain self-sufficiency.

Our Services

Crunchy Teeth retails confectionaries such as cookies and muffins in a variety of flavours, which are
baked by the special needs young adults participating in their training programmes. All sales proceeds
go towards funding these programmes for special needs adults, as well as the social campaigns for
raising public awareness about inclusive employment.