Crunchy Teeth

What is the role of “Works of Hope”?

Works Of Hope is the parent company of Crunchy Teeth. Its main focus is to build various training platforms using systematic approaches to impart skills and create employment opportunities for our autistic community.

Crunchy Teeth

Crunchy Teeth is the first subsidiary launched by Works of Hope. We are a bakery specializing in quality handmade baked cookies and pastries. Our clientele includes both retail and corporate customers.

The main focus of Crunchy Teeth is the internship training program drawn up to teach low to moderate functioning autistic adults basic baking skills, empowering them with relevant skills to seek employment in the F & B Industry, so that they can enjoy independence and active participation in society.

Our team strongly believes that the lack of formal qualifications should not close the doors to employment, but opens the possibilities to an inclusive society where everyone matters.


Using a systematic approach, our trainers work closely with our autistic interns to explore their strengths and cultivate employable skills and self-confidence, thereby easing them into the working society. Through our step-by-step methodology, the stress levels of our interns are reduced, the work endurance level is increased and they could adapt much more quickly and efficiently to the work tasks allocated.


We hope to see at least 70% of our autistic interns attain real employment in Singapore’s working environment.

Core Values

Resilient & Tenacious

Bold & Driven

Nurturing Relationships

Empathetic & Accepting


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