Special Training Program (STP)

A "Heart" Project By Works Of Hope

Crunchy Teeth is a grounds-up inclusive project that transforms the employment prospects for our autistic youths and adults. It is the first subsidiary launched by Works of Hope.

Our goal is to equip our autistic interns with basic baking skills so that they are empowered with the abilities to seek employment, enjoy independence and active participation in society.

Our team believes that the lack of normal qualifications should not close the doors to employment, but open the possibilities to an inclusive society where everyone matters.

Our Goal

Atleast 70% of our autistic interns to gain employment and achieve financial independence

Our Programs

5 days per week daily training for 6 months to prepare for open employment

Engagement sessions lasting 4 months for interns who are not ready for open employment

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Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work.

Crunchy Teeth endeavours to serve our autistic community. Begin a new journey with us.

Ever since Crunchy Teeth started in January 2019, we have the opportunity to work with our interns who have amazed us with their varied capabilities.

Every intern came through our doors, feeling tense and apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. The beginning was tough, but today we are proud to say that everyone of them came out from Crunchy Teeth feeling much more confident and assured of their abilities, with a sense of optimism that open employment is possible for them.

The journey for our autistic interns has just begun, and we are honoured to be able to walk with them on this path to seek employmentand create a fulfilling work-life for themselves in the years to come.

For more information about our STP, please drop us an email at admin@woh.com.sg or WhatsApp us at 9648 0067.

Our journey with our interns are lovingly detailed at the following platforms:



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